Fashion trends that are here to stay

  • Scarlet Johansen - Geek Chic
    Scarlet Johansen - Geek Chic
  • Ted Baker high platform heels
    Ted Baker high platform heels
  • Ted Baker romper
    Ted Baker romper

The first I’d like to highlight is the kitsch styles of bold cheap sunglasses – this look is set to stay with numerous celebs adopting this trend. Scarlett Johansson, Josh Hartnett and Kanye West all love "Geek Chic" - the hottest new trend in celebrity eyewear and just because celebs pay top dollar doesn't mean you have to. Stylish eyewear can be worn with preppy attire or with a super-glam feminine cocktail dress – we here at salute this accessory, which can add real depth and personality to your every day look. Experiment with vibrant or pastel colours, subtle tribal prints and the thickness of rims to look fresh as a daisy and bang on trend this spring.

Rompers (or jumpsuits) date back into the early 1900's and have served as fashion necessity for women and children. Typically, worn effortlessly as beachwear, glamorously as a clubbing outfit, and more recently as a simply tailored or more casual jump suit worn to and from the office. This popular one-piece received a major resurgence starting in about 2006, thanks largely to popular showcases put on by influential designers like Marc Jacobs, Max Azria, and Mara Hoffman. The likes of American Apparel has taken up the mantel of the romper return by carrying no less than six varieties of the garment, including chambray, velour, and pique cotton. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Elle Fanning, Aimee Teegarden, Tyra Banks, Diane Kruger, and Kim Kardashian have all sported rompers in the last few years, adding greatly to its chic appeal. How far this reprised trend can go is dubious, but right now the romper is back in style.

Ted Baker MELANIA Double Breast Jumpsuit - £60.00

For girls that fear walking in heels, high platform heels are definitely the preferred choice and can be worn all day in the office or from dusk to evening without any trouble. Even though they can make guys feel short and inferior, high platform heels are going to be one of the biggest trends of 2012. Opt for bold colours or quirky animal prints to make a fabulous statement - this style of shoe will dress up a simple shift dress or those super sexy skinnies outfit combos. Other plus sides are that these high platform heels afford a more seductive posture, they make legs appear longer and feet more attractive, and can positively act as a symbol of contentious feminist ideology by also serving as a declaration of attitude in social situations. Feast your eyes on these heeled beauties!

Ted Baker DOREENA Round Toed D'Orsay Court Shoe - £75.00
Ted Baker MICHELI Almond Toe Platform - £140.00
L.K. Bennett Nadina Rose Snake High Heels - £195.00

The preceding fashion trends—“Geek Chic” glasses, rompers and high platform heels, show how durable some garments and accessories can make it in the cutthroat world of high fashion. Only time will tell how long these fads can last before withering into obscurity. It goes to show that fashion isn’t always disposable and some items can really stand the test of time!