The cashmere poncho – a very versatile staple

  • Casha's stylish ponchos
    Casha's stylish ponchos

Whilst there are a number of poncho suppliers out there we recently found one who is getting a lot of exposure on the likes of and Grazia... and for good reason.

Casha have designed a range of cashmere ponchos that are warm, lightweight, portable (easy to fold and carry in your hand bag) and in a delicious range of neutral colours. These ponchos are one size and form a perfect 70x70 cms square shape which can fold down to 16x16 cms, you simply slip it over your head and put the seam on your shoulder so that the poncho hangs slightly off centre.

Made from the downy undercoat of the Cashmere goat found high in the Himalayas, the material is known for its unique, warming qualities thanks to the hollow fibres.

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    Great! it would be something to wear for pregnant women and to add on to their style.