The different types of ghd stylers

  • ghd Gold Stylers
    ghd Gold Stylers
  • ghd IV stylers
    ghd IV stylers
IV stylers

These are the classic ghd stylers, although they have gone through some improvements since they were originally launched in 2001.

They come in three types: the IV styler, the IV salon styler and the IV mini styler which all suit different hair types.

The IV styler is perfect for normal or even fine medium length hair. It comes with smooth ceramic plates and a rounded barrel so you can create a range of styles from straight hair to curls and waves.

The IV salon styler, like the IV styler, has smooth ceramic plates and a rounded barrel so you can create a variety of styles. However, unlike the IV styler it has wider plates so is perfect for thicker or longer hair and can even straighten Afro-Caribbean hair.

The IV mini styler can also do everything the IV styler and IV salon styler can do but has thinner plates making it perfect for short or men's hair or even for fringes.

Gold stylers

These have a lot of the same great features as the IV stylers, such as rounded barrels and automatic switch off, but are far more luxurious.

Like the IV stylers they come in the classic size, with mini plates and bigger plates, but their plates have a far smoother gloss-like finish so give even greater results than the IV styler. They also have a sleeker design and handle much better and feel cooler to the touch.

Limited editions

ghd also often bring out their stylers in special editions. They have the same great finish and design but often have extra special coloured plates or features and will often come with a free gift. At the moment it is the vibrant red Scarlet styler inspired by the roaring 1920's, and once every year ghd releases a pink styler to support breast cancer research.

So if you are buying ghds there is a great range to choose from. You can view ghd range in full on their official website - the hard part is choosing the one you like best!

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